How to lead \»Like a Boss\»

Managerial skills are like common sense: no one likes to admit they don’t have enough. But the reality is that we all have had a boss who doesn\’t know how to deal with people.

So here are some quick and dirty tips to deal to work it out.

1. Observe: What is happening around you?  What is supposed to be happening? What are the patterns? Are you part of the patterns?

2. Listen:  You know. We know that you know. And listening is the best way for you to know more.

3. Ask good questions: Start always with humble questions about things that matter. The person working directly with the issue is usually the one who has the information needed to solve it.

4. Think: What do you need to do? How does it fit in the company long-term plan?

5. Act: How can you invite your team to collaborate and solve the issue? How can you empower them and facilitate the process?

That’s it. It’s that simple.

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