Change your life this year

Some people, like myself, are still deciding what they want to do with this New Year.

My plans for this year, so far, are:

  • To add two more workbooks to the resources I have on my website (in progress)
  • Consolidate diverse offerings I have on one online program
  • Open a Red Tent Temple in Toronto (meetings already started)
  • To finish the draft of my first book
  • To revamp this and The Elephant In The Room websites
  • And of course, deliver all these sessions and more…

What do you plan to do?

If you\’re short on ideas, feel free to contact me. In the meantime, I leave you with some advice:

Love yourself a bit more. Make time and invest money on yourself. Learn how to say no. Make space for new things, new people and new experiences to arrive to your life. Stand up for yourself.


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