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The first metaphor I used about life, back when I was in high school, was that of an amusement park.  I was trying to inspire a family member to enjoy and experience life, to do what she wanted to do, to live life to the fullest, as we don\’t know when we will be gone. In an amusement park, we can go for the same ride over and over, or we can try new things, even rides or games that are not that popular, but that spark our interest. We have some tickets and we can go for a ride, or we can play different games, and we can win tickets or just pass the time watching people enjoy.  Our lives can be exciting, or boring, or challenging, but at the end of the day, life is what we want to make out of it.

Very often, we play by other people\’s rules, and we limit ourselves according to their expectations, and if we don\’t enjoy it, we tend to blame them. But life passes whether we like it or not. Whether we enjoy it or not. Whether we plan it or not.

When we learn that we\’re the result of the books we read, the schools we went, the sacrifices we made and the ones we dismissed, we can change. We can learn to re-design our lives.

Back in 1996, I realized that that the things that happened to me were not the result of chance or fate, but how I reacted to things. And I started to feel more and more accountable about my life. I learned different tools, tried different paths, and started many, many projects, until I was able to define a clear path that worked for me.  My life has been a dance between enjoying the moment and planning and working for a better future.  Since then, I took my power over my own life back, and I\’ve never been happier.

I would like to offer you my help in your journey.

Do you want a Co-Inspirator that will bounce back ideas with you, be your emotional support when you are tired and kick you in the butt when you want to give up? Start this journey with me and you will have access to my resources 24/7, as well as personalized coaching support during all the time we work together. You will receive new information and free resources that will help you through your journey.

I am happy to guide or any other resources that I have created to make your path easier?  I would love to offer you my support in any way I can. Work at your own pace!  Email me and get a guide to work on your purpose, for free!

If you want to discover new topics and allow things to emerge in your life naturally, here you will find some inspiration and ideas I\’m so passionate about, for free, so you can create your own path.

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