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This last weekend, I decided to talk about a topic I don\’t usually share when I facilitate training sessions: our energy and how it connects us with the universe, helping us manifest what we want. This is not a new topic for me, as I have been facilitating spiritual circles for over 27 years, even more time that I have been facilitating professional workshops.

Creating something new, e.g. a new course, a podcast, a book, crafts or food, involves all of you:

  • your heart – longing for something
  • your mind – imagining possibilities
  • your body – manifesting your dreams and ideas; and
  • your spirit – providing you with the energy to make things happen

The origin of the word enthusiasm is the Greek enthousiasmos, meaning “inspiration or possession by a god.” That inSpiritation is the one we share with other people through our energy.

We often forget that our spirit, an intangible part of ourselves that connects us with the universe, also helps us create reality, attracts some circumstances to our lives and expresses our energy, which is perceived by people.

The same way that our body obeys the laws of the universe, our spirit connects with the universe following universal principles. This year, my intention to live a wholehearted life and to help my clients do the same (on their own terms), requires that I better integrate the tangible and the intangible sides of my work, and the reconciliation of the practical matters with the spiritual ones.

Often, our professional circles don\’t favor the conversations about the matters of the spirit, and I truly believe this does all of us a disservice. We tend to think this is unprofessional, but when we meet someone who shows up fully, we appreciate the results.

How can we bring our whole self to work if we deny an integral part of our lives?

Now, my question for you is: what is your calling? What aspects of you would better serve you and others?

Leave me your comments here if you\’re interested in learning something in particular.

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