Living with Intention

Living in the present is not always easy. We often have challenges that are really though, periods in our lives that are far from what we want, even some months (in my case February) that just feel overwhelming. However, every season has an ending and winter is not the exception. If I pay attention, I can feel the call of spring when is almost ready to come forward and melt the snow and the challenges of the winter and all that comes with it, and that gives me hope.

I have had some very difficult moments in life, and I want to share with you what I have learned and how did I move forward, every time faster and with better results than the previous one.

One of my earliest learnings about life management 101 was a brief lesson shared by one of my uncles when I was probably 14. I asked him how did they have so much money and abundance in their lives and he said that what he has learned from his father was that “the more you give, the more you have”. They had a fund for an annual celebration honoring the saint patron of our town and the doors of their place were open during that week of festivities and people were fed without questioning. I just loved the humbleness and the generosity of this family and that lesson stuck with me.

When I feel that there is not abundance in my life, when I am concerned about the scarcity, I always look to see how much I am giving. If I am not generous, I won’t have room to receive Life’s gifts. So, there you go, for me, this is the first step to live with intention and enjoy life at the fullest. Make room for Life’s blessings by giving free advice, giving your time, giving a smile, or giving whatever is that you need to receive in abundance and the universe will show you all the kindness you spread around.

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