Moving through change

As I mentioned in this post, learning how to move through the different stages is key in our developing process. Knowing how to move forward to acceptance instead of staying stuck in depression or hostility is the only way to be happy. Our lives are full of challenges and disappointment, otherwise they would be really boring.

To move forward we need to start where we are. We cannot wait until we feel in a \”better place\” to do it. This means we need to exercise, to go out and talk with people, to stop licking our wounds.  Yes, you might be tired, hurt, sad, but the only way to move forward is to move out of your comfort zone. I know it\’s easier said than done, but we all need to do it, nonetheless.

Then, we need to do whatever we can. Not everyone can afford a luxury trip, or pay for the best therapist in the world, and the best of it, it\’s that we don\’t need to. Exercise and Nature are the easiest and cheapest forms of therapy. You don\’t need a lot of equipment to go jogging or sit in a park.

Finally, we need to learn to be grateful. You cannot feel sad if you\’re grateful. This might sound as a cheap advice, but the truth is that you have been blessed with friends, family, life.  If you\’re able to read this, you have received more blessings than half of the world, at least. Stephen Hawking was once asked if he would change anything in his life, he answered he couldn\’t imagine how he could be happier.


When we\’re sad we\’re living in the past; when we\’re stressed we\’re living in the future. The best way to ensure happiness is to live in the present: right here, right now. 


Now, write down a list of 3 blessings you have received this month; and each day, imagine that only the things that you\’re grateful for, will be given to you tomorrow.

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