New Year, new opportunities

After a long hiatus and many other online activities. I\’ve decided to start blogging again.

Starting fresh feels great. A new year brings us renewed energy to work on our goals. A new year reminds us of dreams and aspirations and needs, and hopefully, puts us in the path to achieve more.
However, just after new year, reality comes back and we quickly return to routine. What makes the difference between the people who have the discipline and motivation and the ones who cannot keep working on their goals? I believe is the attention.
I never watched the old TV programme Fame but their quote is one of the first ones I remember about motivation:
You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying’
Both, fame and success (in whatever terms you imagine it) require time and effort.
If your attention is focusing constantly on what you want and what you need to accomplish it, you\’ll persist. If you only focus on what is taking from you at the present moment, the effort will be too much.
If you want to keep working on your goals, don\’t forget to keep in mind why you\’re doing it, and what the vision of the future is.  Keep your eyes on the target!

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