Marcela\"\" is a true professional. In our Coaching for Action course I discovered that planning is vital to achieve our personal and professional goals.  Having a support network and keeping  our childhood dreams alive are really important, regardless of what you do. Happiness should be a constant in our life. 
Give yourself the chance to take one of her courses. They\’re dynamic, different, holistic, reflective and motivating.
Rosa Tapia, Operations Manager




I had heard about Marcela from a friend, and given that I was having a difficult time in my life, I contacted her immediately. The next day I was in front of her, in what it would be the beginning of my personal coaching process.\"foto

Marcela is, without any doubt, one of the most positive persons I have met in my life; her intelligent and clear way of seeing things has helped me to know myself a bit better, and to see me under a different light.  Marcela\’s personal and professional trajectories are, without questioning, a breakthrough and a positive guide in my personal and professiona life. She has helped me to confront fears, and to realize they were only in my mind. She has enriched my life with her way of seeing life and her positiveness has been contagious. Besides that, I have found in her a strong role model for life. It is always great and comforting to share moments with her, definitely, her outlook in life has influenced mine.

-César Ochoa, Art Director and Photographer \"blue-swirl-divider-hi\"


\"yanith\"I have used Marcela\’s services, both as a Life coach and as a Career coach. She has helped me to thrive in difficult situations. Marcela has given me reading material and has helped me reflect on different topics that have helped me to change my life paradigms.

Marcela has also helped me to build a different vision for myself. I am still applying what she has taught me and it works perfectly. I am positive I will continue using her coaching services.


– Yanith Garcia, Web editor



Marcela is a great coach. She\’s very good at listening and really understanding what my needs are. She\’s resourceful and has a lot of very \"laurainteresting ideas that really helped me.

I like the way she\’s always open to understanding different points of view and is able to discuss different options in order to help me find what better suits my needs. Whenever I meet her, I always learn something new!

-Laura Gatti, Financial Analyst and Health Coach

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