Several years ago I read a comic book called \”Escape from Cubeville\” by Scott Adams. I remember it kind of resonated with me, but I was not sure I could leave the corporate job I had. Then I started exploring a little bit what it meant to be an entrepreneur with a couple of projects I abandoned to come to Canada. Here, I had the opportunity to start my Coaching practice in 2006, almost without noticing: a friend of mine asked me for advice on her career change, then recommended me with some people and then other friends started doing the same. Three years ago, when I started my masters, I had to look for clients and I discovered that I loved talking with new people and help them develop new skills and see things under a different light.

Two years ago, I decided it was a good idea to start my own company at the same time I was working. I wouldn\’t feel the urgency of getting more clients as I had my salary, but I would build my confidence as a consultant and coach. Finally, this year I went through the transition of being an employee to being an entrepreneur and I discovered several things. A lot of them apply to our lives, either we are entrepreneurs or just in any transition.

My first reflection is how conditioned we are to run the rat race. Leaving behind the corporate title we have is not easy. The same when we have a break-up or we quit a job. We think we absolutely need what our job or relationship was giving us: security, routine, status. We\’re conditioned to need it; we\’re used to be called someone\’s partner, someone\’s boss, etc. But the reality is that it hasn\’t been always this way. The first days are not easy: it\’s like going out to daylight when we have been comfortable inside our caves. There are a lot of new things waiting to be discovered, but we don\’t know how to approach to them.


The way I see it, we need to see the process in two ways: externally and internally, and they are interwoven.

Take your time to analyze the situation where you are and the two different process you may need to take.

I hope you enjoyed the process and please, feel free to share your insights and questions in the comments section.

Internally Externally
What do you want What are the opportunities available for you
What are the skills you have What does the situation requires from us
What are the skills you need to develop Who/what can help you develop them
What is the support system you need and have What are the next steps you need to take

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