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Life is plenty of challenges and happy moments. When we are growing up, we think that our lives are going to be amazing, we cannot wait to be adults, we will only do what we want; after all, we are the ones in charge!

When we\’re growing up we make decisions based on our family\’s suggestions, our friends\’ preferences and some personal interest, without really knowing how things will turn out. Then we adapt to the changes in our environment and soon, we forget about our dreams; but every once in a while, we wonder why we didn\’t do anything to achieve them. We know that Life had something else in store for us, it is just a matter of claiming it. But sometimes, we are just tired and overwhelmed and we don\’t know how to start changing our life.

If we\’re lucky, we may just put up with boring jobs that demand many hours and leave us some money to try to enjoy our time off. We start waiting for 5.00 pm, for Friday and for Summer to do what we really enjoy. And then, we wonder: is this what I want to do with my life?

Soon, we feel that life is too short. 

If you feel that there is more to your life than what you\’re living right now, this is the best time to start changing it. Design your life with intention!

\"\"There are different tools to create the life you fall in love with. I will be happy to show you several of them and travel with you through this process. If you are in a transition or you want to re-invent yourself, if you think it\’s time to enjoy your life once again, or if you want to have an easier journey, with a more complete map to help you reach your destination, this is for you.

Start today! Learn how to fall back in love with your life, and enjoy each day.



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I work with clients at different levels, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and people that are still unsure of what they want to do. The common denominator is that they feel dissatisfied, want to change things in their lives and are not sure how to do it.


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