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Marcela Urteaga

Marcela Urteaga is an organizational consultant passionate about learning and change, founder of Kaironauts, a community that provides professional development for uncertain times.  She holds a BA in Human Relations and an MA in Human Systems Intervention, as well as certificates in Change Management, Organizational Development, Coaching, Leadership, and more. She has been a Social Media Consultant and Community Manager since 2013.

Marcela works currently at a tech company where she’s providing Human-Centered Change to the company’s clients for their transformation projects. Marcela has 6 years of experience working for a university in change management, organizational development and coaching, and 25 years of corporate experience). During her career, Marcela has led the teams responsible for HR planning, talent management, organizational transformation, and customer service, in large multinational companies such as Monster, Panasonic and FEMSA (the largest beverage company in the Americas, partner with Heineken and Coca-Cola).  

Marcela has been facilitating workshops and group sessions (face to face and online) since 1994 in Mexico, U.S.A., and Canada, to help individuals, communities and corporations develop their competencies and access their inner wisdom. Her ability to facilitate collaboration using the best technology platforms in service of the group make her a great facilitator.  She might be the only person on Twitter who doesn’t claim to be a social media guru.

How May I Help You?

Over the years, I have been helping people create the life they want.

Career Coaching

The easiest way to create a career you’d love

Life Coaching

Happiness is an inside job. Let me help you create the best experiences to enjoy your life

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual work makes all the difference in our lives. Have an elder by your side.

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Coaching is a process of helping clients achieve their goals by asking questions, challenging assumptions, and providing support and accountability. It is not therapy. We will focus on the present and the future, not the past. We will co-create a plan and I will help you be accountable.

Kaironauts is my brand to help people navigate these turbulent times with methodologies to help you visualize, set up goals, work on them and monetize your knowledge.

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